KPCC Covers Vehicular Homelessness in L.A.

Homlessness, Los Angeles

People who are experiencing homelessness often live in cars, RVs, and other vehicles.  Through restrictive parking and public spaces regulations, Los Angeles has increasingly made it difficult for people who are homeless to remain in their vehicles.  The public news outlet, KPCC, has been covering the stories of people experiencing homelessness who are living in RVs and vehicles.  KPCC’s coverage also details the policies and enforcement practices that prevent and encourage progress in this area. CLICK HERE to read KPCC’s news coverage.  The KPCC news coverage also includes visual representations of data on this topic, such as a map that shows where people who are living in RVs and campers are concentrated throughout Los Angeles County.


KPCC’s Report on Homeless Children Highlights Flaws in PIT Counts

homeless children, homelessness, methods

KPCC, the public radio station of Pasadena, CA, published a news piece on homelessness in Los Angeles.  (CLICK HERE to read or listen to the story…)  The piece does an excellent job of highlighting the complexities of homelessness and showing how these complexities are obscured by stunted data collection methods such as PIT counts.  The article shows how homelessness can become a reality for people who “do everything right” and end up with a few bumps in the road.  The article also makes note of the importance of youth homelessness and explains how the data collected by Los Angeles County on homelessness often hides the amount of homeless children.  Below is one illustrative graphic from the article.