Hollywood, FL Homeless Shelter and Its Advocates Move Out

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CLICK HERE to read the NPR story on the homeless advocate who is on the move…  Advocate and entrepreneur, Sean Cononie, is moving his shelter out of Hollywood, FL to Central, FL. This eccentric advocate is moving the shelter from Hollywood to an area near Disney World because the city and the county (Broward County, FL) are not cooperating with homeless residents.

An excerpt from the NPR coverage:

“Like much of South Florida, Hollywood is seeing a building boom, with more than $1 billion of development in the works. Storey [a Hollywood city official] says that Cononie’s homeless shelter presented an obstacle in an area targeted for redevelopment along one of the city’s main commercial corridors.Broward County last year, has seen a marked increase in homelessness among the working poor — people with full time jobs who can’t afford to pay first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit…As old neighborhoods give way to new development…a lack of affordable housing will mean Hollywood’s homeless problem is likely to persist long after Cononie and his shelter have moved on.”


3 thoughts on “Hollywood, FL Homeless Shelter and Its Advocates Move Out

  1. Thank you for sharing this sad story. It appears that only the almighty dollar is respected in Hollywood,Florida.

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