UN Imperatives Women and Poverty

Women and Poverty

Click here: UNImperative for a power point presentation that analyzes the UN Women and Poverty Initiative….for more info on the United Nations, Women, Poverty, and Inequality, check out these resources:

Beijing Follow Up Report UN Women’s Conference 2000: UN2000

Beijing Follow Up Report UN Women’s Conference 2005: UN2005

Beijing Follow Up Report UN Women’s Conference 2009: UN2009


United States’ Report to the UN Commission on the Status of Women: USA_review_Beijing20


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Lessons from Organizing


CLICK HERE to read the article “5 Main Slogans — Lessons from the History of the National Union of the Homeless”. This informative piece traces important events in (recent) organizing history for people who are experiencing homelessness, poverty, and injustice.  A must read for fans of Malcolm X…you might be surprised to see where some of these key phrases originated!

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Maternity Group Home programs

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Interested in the Maternity Group Home programs that serve runaway and homeless mothers under The Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (PL 100-690)? Click here: RHYA MGH programs for a powerpoint on these programs and click here: Policy Statement  to read more about them…

If you are researching these programs and looking for a literature review, click here: WGSLitReview

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“Here’s What It’s Like to Be a Homeless Techie in Silicon Valley”, by Joshua Harkinson Mother Jones

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CLICK HERE to read a Mother Jones story on the increasing number of people experiencing homelessness in the Silicon Valley area.  One part of this article chronicles the life of Robert Aguirre, an electrical engineer who owned his own company but is now living in a homeless encampment in San Jose with his wife.  The article highlights the painful realities of diminishing affordable housing in the area and makes the best case for increasing affordable housing (and incentivizing affordable housing policies) that I have read in a long time.

Some poignant quotes from the interview with Robert Aguirre:

“Tech companies have an obligation to help out. They’re the ones who’ve outsourced middle-class jobs and driven rents far beyond many people’s reach.”

“People are down in the Jungle for all sorts of different reasons—domestic violence, mental health problems, drug problems, or just being broke. I’d easily say 75 percent of people in the Jungle wouldn’t be there if they could afford housing.”

“Society is judged by how we treat those that are unable to care for themselves—the elderly, the young, and the mentally disabled. That’s the real measure of who we are.”