Once Homeless, Family Feels ‘Blessed To Wake Up Another Day’

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CLICK HERE to read or listen to an excellent NPR Storycorps piece on Franklin and Sherry Gilliard, a family that experienced homelessness but is getting back on their feet through the use of transitional housing programs and food pantries and banks.  A sobering reminder that homelessness can happen to anyone.


Mini-Houses Provide Hope for the Homeless

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CLICK HERE to read an article that showcases an innovative approach to sustainable and affordable housing for people who are struggling with housing security.  The article titled “Tiny Home Village for Homeless Opens in Wisconsin” by Jen Hayden was published on the website DailyKos.  The piece contains interviews of new mini-home owners and the people who fought for the implementation of this interesting approach to housing. Check it out!

Below, a picture of the village of mini-houses mentioned in the article….


“Communities Struggle To Reach Homeless Students Living In The Shadows” NPR story 11/11/14

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CLICK HERE  to read (or listen to) NPR’s story on homeless students, published today in honor of Veteran’s day.

Some poignant excerpts from the news story:

“When we get ready for school or just getting dressed, we would just go to, like, a public bathroom or like a park bathroom [or] McDonalds,” says Joseph, 15. “Brush our teeth at McDonalds or change at McDonalds, and then come out, and then we’d just go to school from there.”

“California has the highest rate of homeless children enrolled in schools anywhere in the country. Many kids live in the shadows — in cheap motels, emergency shelters, campgrounds and even cars — like James once did.”

Pastors and Advocates for the Homeless Arrested in Florida

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CLICK HERE to read the news story about the two pastors and elderly advocate who were arrested for feeding people experiencing homelessness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  An excerpt from the story:

“The cops told 90-year-old homeless advocate Arnold Abbott to drop the plate he was holding and informed all three males they would face arrest if they continued to feed those who are down on their luck. Abbott is the founder of an interfaith organization, ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ and was the first to be charged. He is a World War II veteran who has spent the past two decades feeding the homeless…” (11/5/14)

11/6/14 update: CLICK HERE for NPR Story